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Brock Madill

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The "Natural" biography of Brock Madill

Brock was born and raised in Northwestern Ontario. Throughout his younger years, he was very active in many sports and outdoor recreational activities. Until high school his main sport was hockey. Living in a northern town in Canada, hockey is almost a religion. At the age of fourteen, he began weight training. At that time his goal was to accentuate his strength and speed for hockey. However, he soon discovered that he had stumbled upon what would become his lifelong passion.

Brock's inspiration to begin weight training, specifically for bodybuilding, came from his older brother, Greg. His competitive success on the North of Superior bodybuilding stage in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1985, was the spark that ignited Brock's desire to follow in his brother's footsteps. From that moment on, his primary athletic focus turned to physical progression in the weight training room.

After only one year of training he entered and won the title of Mr. Teen North of Superior in 1986, and again in 1987. After his win in 1987, he took an extended hiatus from the bodybuilding stage as the competitive aspect of bodybuilding began to make an emphasis on the use of steroids, diuretics and other banned substances.

Upon completion of high school it only seemed logical to Brock that he pursue a post-secondary education in a field related to the human body. He enrolled in the Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology program at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He was very intrigued by what he learned in the program because he was able to apply much of it in the gym. He graduated from the Kinesiology program in 1995. He then enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program that was also at Lakehead University,
and graduated with First Class standings.

Following his post-secondary studies, Brock moved to Calgary Alberta and was employed as the control tower operator at Canada Olympic Park. This job was very inspiring as he was in daily contact with Olympic athletes, and also had the occasional opportunity to meet world-class strength coaches. After a year in Calgary, he moved back to Fort Frances because he missed the numerous outdoor activities that the area has to offer. Soon after his return to Fort Frances, he secured employment as a full time teacher at
Seven Generations Education Institute. In addition to teaching, Brock and his wife (and training partner) are presently studying for the ACE personal training certification. They are planning to start a physique transformation studio in their town. This will be an excellent tie in with his nutritional supplement business (Physique Factory).

It was not until the mid 90's that Brock started to focus on being a competitive bodybuilder again. His years of training and knowledge, as well as the new scientifically-based supplements, made it conceivable for him to finally have a competitive edge against the chemically-enhanced counterparts. In June of 1997, he challenged himself to re-enter the competitive forum. He entered a level 1 competition, won the middleweight division as well as the top-most honour of the overall title at the Thunder Bay BB Championships. The following week he entered the Northern Ontario BB Championships
(a level 2 show) and placed second in the middleweight division, all without the use of banned performance-enhancing substances. Knowing he was one of the few "Natural" competitors in the show and that he placed as well as he did was confirmation that he was once again ready for competition.

After he returned to competitive bodybuilding, it was his intention to pursue his dream of becoming one of the best bodybuilders in the "Natural" domain of bodybuilding shows.

Brock's quest began with a 4th finish at the 1998 Musclemania World Natural Bodybuilding Championship, one of the most prestigious and recognized natural shows in the world. Placing as well as he did in his first attempt confirmed that he was able to compete on a world level, and was his first step towards his ultimate goal. He was more determined than ever after this competition, and designed and followed a strict training, diet and supplement program which allowed him to pack on eight solid pounds of muscle in only six months! He then entered the inaugural Superbody World Natural Bodybuilding Championships and won the Overall Novice title! As luck would have it, the head judge at the Superbody was the president of the World Natural Sports Organization based in Toronto. He was sufficiently impressed enough to give Brock an invitation to the Canadian National Naturals. As this competition was only four weeks after the Superbody, Brock had to get back to training shortly after returning from Florida (and the classic pig out), which was mentally tough, but he was able to persevere and actually improve on his condition from the Superbody. He took home the overall title
Mr. Natural Canada 1999! He felt that he was definitely on the right track to fulfilling his dreams.

It was then his intention to train hard and try to improve on his physique even more before he entered the first ever Musclemania Canada on July 1, 2000. He developed a well-planned training program, diet and supplementation schedule that he hoped would allow him to improve upon his condition. He focused on doing everything in his power to become an even better bodybuilder: researched better training techniques, focused on diet and nutrition extensively, etc. The plan worked as well as it could have because he became the Musclemania Canada 2000 overall champion and the newest Pro Natural Bodybuilder for 2000!

The following year, Brock had some trouble with his diet and had personal obligations that inhibited his progress. As a result he slipped down into 4th place at the 2002 Musclemania Canada. This was a tremendous blow to his confidence and he started to question his ability. However, soon after he returned from the competition he was married to Darlene who, in addition to becoming his wife, also became his training partner. Together they were determined that as a team they would recapture the Musclemania title the following year. They spent the entire year training very hard and learned a vast amount of information about the diet and many other technical aspects of the sport of bodybuilding.

As the contest approached in July 2002, they were much more confident that his physical improvements along with their up-to-date knowledge would allow him the opportunity to recapture the Musclemania title. On the day of the contest (July 20, 2002) it was obvious that it was not going to be an easy task because the show had grown to an all time high of 103 competitors. Brock's division (light heavyweight) was one of the most highly competitive with eighteen excellent competitors vying for top honours. You can imagine the jubilation they both felt when they finally heard "and first place in the light heavyweight class goes to Brock Madill!" It confirmed that he still had what it takes to continue on his quest.

It has been confirmed that bodybuilding will be a sport at the 2005 World Games, which could possibly be a springboard for getting Bodybuilding into the Olympics. Since these competitions must be drug tested according to IOC standards, the bodybuilders representing their respective countries will have to be "Natural" athletes. It is Brock's intention to start competing in the IFBB affiliated Canadian Bodybuilding Federation shows, so he can hopefully represent Canada as a "Natural" ambassador in the sport he loves. His personal quest on August 10, 2002, was the
Ontario Natural Bodybuilding Championships -- and he
won the lightheavy weight class and the Overall title!

We'll surely see Brock in the NEXT OLYMPIC GAMES!

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