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Tracy York

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Tracy York, a 15 year fitness professional, spends her time as a presenter and
master trainer of fitness programs worldwide. She is a popular choice as a
personal trainer to celebrities and Hollywood elites. She conducts her own
workshops and fitness seminars and has taught at some of America’s premier
fitness clubs, including The Sports Club LA and CRUNCH in Los Angeles.

Tracy has long been a famous face in the world of fitness videos. She has been featured in over 20 exercise videos, including "Buns of Steel Platinum
Collection"and "Crunch’s Fat Blaster." York’s most recent success’ are
"Quick Fix Pilates"and the best selling exercise video, "Shaping up with
weights for Dummies."This video is modeled after the familiar "For Dummies"
style, promoting personal empowerment to learn how to exercise safely and
effectively with weights. In the Spring of 2001 Tracy, and her business partner
Michelle Dozois, are producing 3 new videos to add to their critically acclaimed
"Breakthru Fitness"workout series. Their latest hits are "Breakthru Cardio
Step"and "Breakthru Pilates." These two video veterans work tirelessly to
create the best workouts possible for the home exerciser. "Breakthru Strong
Body Pilates," "Breakthru Cardio Step II" and "Breakthru Body Blast."
They are now available through www.homeworkout.com

In 2000 Tracy was chosen as a spokesperson for Kellogg’s cereal, Smart Start with soy protein. This opportunity allowed Tracy to travel to different cities,
making appearances on television, radio and print. Tracy describes it as, "One of the best professional experiences I’ve had. I Ioved being able to share my knowledge and experience on how people can easily incorporate healthy
eating and exercise into a busy lifestyle."

York has been featured in and is a regular contributor to numerous fitness and beauty magazines including Shape, Fitness, Fit, Living Fit, and Self. For 3 years Tracy co-hosted ESPN’s popular exercise show, "The ESPN Fitness Pros"and currently appears daily on the Health Network in the fitness television show, "Jenny’s Fit in 15."

York is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Her fitness certifications include American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
and is Pilates Certified in "The Method" from The Physical Mind Institute.


  • B.A. in Psychology from U.C. Santa Barbara
  • Pilates certified in "The Method"by the PhysicalMind Institute
  • Polestar Education, Pilates Fitness Intensive (Mat, Small Apparatus
    & Reformer)
  • ACE (American Council on Exercise)
  • AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America)
  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)


  • Star, Quick Fix Pilates, PPI, 2001
  • Star, Shaping Up With Weights for Dummies,
    Anchor Bay Entertainment, 2000
  • Co-Star, Breakthru Pilates Training, Anchor Bay Entertainment, 2000
  • Co-Star, Breakthru Cardio Step, 2000
  • Co-Star, Breakthru Cardio Dance, 2000
  • Co-Star, Jenny's Fit in 15, The Health Network, Fox Sports 1999 - 2000
  • Star, Jenny Craig 3 video series 1999
  • Co-Star, Crunch Mater Blaster Video 1999 (with Billy Blanks)
  • Guest appearances on Fit, Resort & Spa, 1999
  • Host, BodyRoc, Infinity Productions, 1998
  • Star, Crunch Fitness, ESPN 2
  • Star, Fat Blaster Plus, Crunch Fitness & Anchor Bay
  • Host, ESPN Fitness Pros, ESPN (3 years, 170 eps)
  • Co-Hosted with Joe Theisman, Healthwalker, National Media Corporation infomercial
  • Co-Star, Buns of Steel Platinum Collection (11 video series)
  • Co-Star, ESPN Fitness Pros Home Video Series (5 videos)
  • Co-Host, Sounds of Summer Preview 96, ABC Interviewer, In Concert, ABC
  • Entertainment Tonight
  • The Home Show
  • George and Alana
  • Alive and Wellness (CNBC)
  • The Food Channel
  • Hard Copy
  • Home Shopping Network (Body by Jake)
  • QVC
  • The Jenny Jones Show


  • Fitness
  • Shape
  • Fit
  • Self


  • AVIA International, 1994-1996
  • Kellogg’s Smart Start with Soy, 2000


  • The Sports Club LA
  • CRUNCH - L.A.
  • Meridian Sports Clubs
  • Gold's Gym, Hollywood
  • Celebrity instructor, Fit Pro Tour (1994 national 18-city)
  • Celebrity instructor, Fit Tour 1990 (56 cities Presenter and master trainer of fitness program worldwide

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